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The Division 3

GRTV News - The Division 3 wurde angekündigt

Massive Entertainment baut ein Team auf, um das Spiel zu entwickeln.

Audio transcriptions

"Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of GRTV News. Today we have quite an exciting announcement for you because yesterday for some reason Ubisoft decided to make quite a few different announcements. We got the information revealing when Skateboards are going to be coming to Rides Republic. We got the announcement of Just Dance 2024 and to really cap it off we got some information about the Division franchise. Namely that a new individual is a heading up the Division franchise going forward and b that Massive Entertainment is currently recruiting and building a team so that they can create and ultimately release the Division 3. So yeah the Division 3 has been announced and that's what we'll be talking about today. It's official Massive Entertainment is building a team to lead the development of the Division 3. Ubisoft announces the project and that Julian Gariety has been appointed as the executive producer and thus supervisor of all things the Division. It was expected but not official other than the upcoming games within Disney's Avatar and Star Wars universes Massive Entertainment is already working on the Division's third installment. Besides Julian Gariety who was creative director in the Division 2 and associate creative director in Tom Clancy's The Division moves from creatively directing Star Wars Outlaws to becoming executive producer and thus supervisor of all the Division products by Ubisoft from now on. The development of the Division 3 is still at a very early stage even though Massive Entertainment will lead the project from Malmo in Sweden. As of right now they're building the team that will shape what we expect to be Ubisoft's new generation of third person cinematic action. Massive's managing director Thomas Andren highlights Gariety's dedication to press release that also underlines to fans of A Galaxy Far Far Away's relief that Julian remains committed to turning Star Wars Outlaws into a success for both the development team and the fans. He will stay with the project until its shipment to make sure the game meets its creative vision and delivers a great experience for players. Would you like to uh who would you like what would you like to find in The Division 3? And uh yeah here's a little sort of teaser image. So yeah uh The Division 3 has been announced. Massive Entertainment has a lot on its plate right now. Uh Avatar Frontiers of Pandora is set to ship in about sort of six weeks time early December and then sometime in 2024. We're sort of hearing that it's early 2024 but we'll you know we'll let we'll actually see about that. Star Wars Outlaws is also set to to make its debut as well. Both of them seem to be massive games really sort of um um you know impressive titles that could be very sort of uh broad in their scope."

"Um but once these two titles are done you know by the end of 2024 the massive entertainment will seemingly shift all of its focus and all of its resources into The Division 3.
Um and you know if you're worried that the studio's taking on too many different tasks as of right now with Avatar coming up very soon they probably don't have much work left to do on that game because it's very close to launch and with Star Wars Outlaws coming next year it's probably also very close to being done as well. They're probably just sort of doing the final touches and post-production and whatnot to make sure it's ready and you know going through the quality assurance and all that good stuff to make sure that it's not riddled with bugs."

"Um as for The Division 3 they haven't really started any work on it by the sounds of things.
So you know they're still building a team out to develop this title. Uh Julian Gariety is still working predominantly on Star Wars before he moves his and transitions over to Headline and uh to see up all this Division stuff. So probably don't expect to see The Division 3 for some time."

"Probably at least sort of three or four years. But um but as we know more we're sure to keep you posted and updated. Massive is a studio that is a very productive and efficient studio so maybe it'll come sooner than we expect. But again as we know more be sure to keep you posted and updated and otherwise that's all the time we have today's episode of GRTV News. We'll be back now on Monday for the next one so I hope you enjoy the rest of your Friday. Enjoy your weekend and otherwise we'll see you on the other side. Take care everyone."


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