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Apartments and garages

Through the world of GTA Online there are about 60 apartments and garagesavailable for purchase. The apartments are divided into three tiers; Low, medium and top tier. Everyone of them has an including garage, however the garage capacity will differ. Furnitures and views will differ as well, though the views in each apartment are the only feature that is unique for itself.Garages can be bought without an including apartment which obviously will be cheaper, its all your choice to either use your money wisely or boast with your expensive property.

Low Tier

Give you the functionals as shower, tv, bed and warderobe but not much else. Prices from $80,000 - $120,000 all including 2 car garage.

When you step into low price apartment you see kitchen. It has only radio and beer to drink.

Next you turn around and see living room. It has cheap cable TV, bong, and couch where you can sit. Its nicer to have 52" UHD TV, just for... whatever.

Then, there's bathroom where you can wash away all the crime and murder. Its pretty small and your character dont smell so bad to take shower every day so its just like decoration. (Best photo I got, sorry)

Finally, there's your bedroom. Its nicest room in whole apartment, or that's what I think. You can go sleeping if you are tired. But you never are tired!

Here's some examples about low price safehouses:

0112 South Rockford Drive, Apartment 13. - 80,000$

This is the lowest price apartment in the game and its a good choice for beginners who want their first safehouse. Its located at South Rockford Drive as the name says, and its close to clothes shop, a gas station what you can see in photo, and ammunation is right next to gas station.

It includes two car garage, so is recommend that you buy another cheap garage somewhere.

2057 Vespucci Boulevard, Apartment 1 - 87,000$

The second cheapest apartment in the game is located at Vespucci Boulevard. From there you can walk to gas station behind buildings, and theres ammunation close to this apartment. This is located at good place where you can drive any locations fast. That's why I recommend to be this your first house.

140 Zancudo Ave, Sandy Shores, Blaine County - 121,000

This house is part of Indepence Day Special Update, and its located at Sandy Shores. With hipsters smoking at your front yard, Tattoo shop right next to your garage, Store, and ammunation, this house is a smart choice for players who like to drive with Off-Road vechiles at Grand Senora Desert.

Theres hellofamuch more low tier houses, but they all cant fit here. These three were just examples.

Medium Tier

Provide you with some better furnitures than a low tier, as well as the new feature of windows which allow you to see what happens outside. When your archenemy are hanging around the corner you might want to stay inside to perhaps use your TV and spy all over they players of the current free roam lobby to make sure youre safe when stepping out. Prices from $112,000 - $150,000. Including either 2 or 6 car garage.

First going in you can see a wall, but left side of it is living room. Its more better than in low price houses, but has still like 499e TV, so its bad too.

Then when you walk in and turn to right, theres a magical door that leads you to bedroom! You can change clothes there and turn lights off. (No photo found, no enough google skill)

Living room and kitchen are in the same space, and there is a corner where's chairs and table. Enjoy. Or not. This photo of it has no real-time windows. There are some another styles of living rooms too.

The bathroom is connected to bedroom by door, and it looks same as low tier houses usually but theres bath with duck.

Okay, here is three nice examples of Medium Priced safeapartments:

12 Sustancia Road, El Burro Heigths, Los Santos - 143,000

Only avaibile house in south-east part of Los Santos, and its part of Independence. You can drive right up the road to highway, but if you want go to Downtown you need to drive a longer way. There's tattoo shop walk away, but you have to go longer away to use LS Customs and Clothes shop.

6 car garage, enjoy.

4 Hangman Ave, Vinewood Hills, Los Santos - 175,000

As you can see, this is a luxury apartment at Vinewood Hills where you can live like movie star. It's location, price, and outlook shows its luxury, but still its a medium tier house with no windows. When you walk to backyard and see a stunning view of Los Santos, you can really imagine you are a real movie star. 6 car garage.

Dream Tower, Apartment 15, Little Seoul, Los Santos - 134,000

Dream Tower is very ordinary building, because it has no windows and it looks inside like medium tier apartment. If you want dont want a cheap looking medium house at Los Santos, this is your choice. It has pool at private backyard and its at good location. 6 car garage.

There is list of these houses, but I cant place all of them here.

Top Tier

Invite your friends for a party! You wont shame hanging around in your exclusive and luxury two floored apartment with views in several dircetions. Its all up to you whereever you want to see the city, beach or beverly hills, though the view is basically what you pay for here. The better, the more expensive. Prices from $200,000 - $400,000 all including 10 car garage.

This is picture of living room and kitchen. You see a telescope and couches, but there is a TV next to those couches, so dont be scared. And its best quality TV in the game.

Some houses have also another floor, but not all. There are two types of there Top Tier houses furnitures. You usually have to think about the view to city, and for example in YouTube there is videos showing those apartments and their views.

Last three examples, then.

Weazel Plaza Apartment 70, Rockford Hills, Los Santos - 319,000

Weazel Plaza is a Skyscaper located next to Richards Majestic they both are High End buildings and also located at Movie Star Way, Rockford Hills. In Weazel Plaza, there are three apartments. Apartment 70 has stunning view at the city. You can see all from where Del Perro beach start to Los Santos International Airport. If you want a perfect apartment and have cash availible to spend, take this one.



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