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Grand Theft Auto Online
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Game Modes


Whatever if you want to race cars, motorcycles, bikes, boats, airplanes or helicopters, this is the gamemode where you get to challenge other players in a setup of checkpoints, either from point A to B or in form of traditionally laps. There are furthermore three different styles to race:

Race - Normal mode, follow the checkpoints.

GTA Race - The possibility to use weapons while driving to eleminate other racers. Pickups like boost, rockets and repair will be placed along the track to further increase the action. You are even allowed to exit vehicle for auto aiming at other players or if you of some strange reason even want to switch vehicle.

Rally - Drive as a team of 2 players. Driver is in charge of the steering wheel though cant see checkpoints. The Co-driver is therefore needed to guide trought the checkpoints either by talking in mic or pressing left or right, which will appear on the drivers screen.

Tips: Using the slipstream of other drivers will let you take positions by getting up close behind and then the speed will increase significantly for a few seconds.This method is often used for two players in the lead to increase the distance bewteen players behind while boosting up eachother in turns.Though be careful, doing this in a sharp corner can throw you straight out of the track.

GTA race can easily be manipulated by teaming up of to players in a tracks of laps. Both players choose to bet money on one that will drive the whole race as fast as possible. The other one will exit the vehicle and stand prepared at the lap line or somewhere else to shoot down every other player expect the teammate. To avoid shooting the teammate, using friendly fire set to low will remove auto aim towards friends. Hopefully other players did also bet at themself which in that case can earn you both great money when the betted player cross first over the finish line. Obivosly that player will recieve a winning reward unlike the other, though every kill will score some nice RP.


Available to play as Team Deathmatch or Free for all. 2-16 players. By options in lobby, the host can choose to either play with owned weapons toghether with pickups on map or set it to forced, which will only allow players to use the weapon(s) that been toogled by the creator. Vehicles can be used during matches if trafic is set to on, or eventuelly if the map contains placed ones. (Every vehicle available in free mode can be placed by creator, which means even tanks can be used in deathmatches.)

Tips: Using silencer wont show you as much on the minimap while making sounds which gives you a great advantage of hiding from enemy teams. Increasing skills on the stealth meter while effect your sounds while moving aswell.

Calling Lester during a deathmatch will offer to reaveal all enemey players on minimap for 1 minute at a cost of 500.


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Last Team Standing

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1-4 players. Play in a co-op team against enemy npcs through 10 waves with increasing difficult. There will be incoming ground enemies by foot in the first easy waves, followed by added air enemies (helicopters) and at last, some npcs equipped with miniguns. For each wave an amount of health will be added to all enemies.

Tips: Running around whiteout hiding behind obstacles won't get you further than about wave 3. Team up together, hide behind obstacles close to eachother to cover all sights for best results. Helicopters make a huge threat and should be eliminated as soon as possible, in case you aren't hiding under a roof.


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