Epic unveils the details for the FNCS Grand Royale

It'll be the largest event of the year and will feature a $5 million prize pool.


Epic has revealed a whole bunch of information for the upcoming conclusion of this year's Fortnite Championship Series. Wrapping up with the Grand Royale, this event is slated to be the largest event of the year, and will even boast a hefty $5 million prize pool to be dished out across the many competitive regions.

Set to begin with Season 8 of the FNCS, which kicks off later this week, the season will run up until the Grand Royale, which will start on November 11. Unlike anything we've seen before over the course of this year, the Grand Royale will take place over two consecutive weekends, with the first weekend (November 11-14) reserved for qualifying stages, and the second (November 19-21) set for the actual finals.

Epic has detailed the plans for the Grand Royale's format, as well as how players can qualify for the event in a blog post you can read here, and as for how the prize money will be distributed, Europe will get $2,250,300, North America East will get $1,055,250, Brazil will get $699,300, and the remaining four regions will get shares of the leftover $1 million.


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