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ESIC hosts first 'Future of Esports in Las Vegas' summit

Integrity Commissioner Ian Smith chaired the meeting.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

The Esports Integrity Coalition, or ESIC, has hosted the inaugural 'Future of Esports in Las Vegas' summit on Tuesday February 14, and the venue for the landmark event was the University of Nevas Las Vegas.

According to a press release, "the aim of the summit was for key esports stakeholders and key city and state officials to meet and discuss a potential strategy, policy and initiatives that will accelerate the growth and value of esports in Las Vegas, and jointly assist in Las Vegas' express intention to become the esports capital of the world."

The summit was behind closed doors and was chaired by ESIC's Integrity Commissioner Ian Smith, who Gamereactor spoke to back in July when he was announced to be filling the role. Among the attendees were the Chairman of the Nevada State Gaming Control Board A.G. Burnett; Director of Sports Governance and Financial Integrity ICSS Europe Katie Simmonds; CEO of GameCo Blaine Graboyes; and many more.

"This summit marks a positive first step in Las Vegas' ambition to be the home of esports," said Ian Smith. "All stakeholders were given the opportunity to have their say and initially we share a lot of common ground and there are no obvious barriers to moving forward. Following this constructive meeting, the group will continue the discussion at a second summit where we aim to involve more casinos and more publishers."

How well do you think initiatives like ESIC are working to improve the integrity of esports?